Nofollow Links are not Useless: Earning them is Central to Good SEO

Nofollow links are of great help to marketers who are looking to maximize the effectiveness of search engine optimization. However, a number of the benefits are not directly obvious to marketers. Using a nofollow link is worth the effort as it will positively contribute to the visibility of a website in the search results. It will also send direct traffic and improve the overall reach of any brand on the internet. Nofollow links are also beneficial because they help links get indexed in the search engines as well. According to a number of experts, nofollow links often directly improve the rankings of a website on the search engines.

One company helped clients get better results in the search engine rankings with nofollow. Between January of 2014 and May of 2015, one company helped one client get 99 links. Out of those links, 88 of them were nofollowed while 11 were followed. During this period, the client experienced a 288 percent growth in their search engine traffic. The client would rank at the top of the search engines with their main keyword. According to the company that conducted this campaign, the client would get 2,000 searches during each month during this time period.

Nofollowed links are often complimented by the mention of various brands. According to Google Patent, the mention of various brands are often considered to be implied links. This means that if a brand gets mentioned online, it will be treated in the same manner as an actual link. A brand mention along with a link of nofollow can also help search engines get a better understanding of the links between brand mentions and any website that it refers to. This is due to brand mentions being less clear because of the less explicit nature of them.

Any site that is looking to maximize their search engine optimization of nofollow links will want to follow a few steps. The first thing site owners will want to do is remember that the anchor text is meaningless for keyword rankings. Any anchor text is ignored most of the time. Therefore, it is important that you use anchor text to get people to click on it so that they can see more information about a website.

Another step to take when maximizing the value of SEO with nofollow links is to focus on audience influencers. Website owners will want to not only receive direct clicks from their target audience but also earn more followed links from a number of trusted influencers. As a result, it will be important to produce content that is appealing to journalists and other members of the media.

It will also be important to mention your brand. According to experts, mentioning your brand can help improve the ranking of your site on the search results. A number of brand mentions are often treated as implied links. As a result, they will be able to carry authority metrics which will result in a higher boost in rankings. The mention of brands often lead to an increased search for your brand name and better rankings in the search engines.

Those who own websites and are looking to improve their rankings with nofollow will want to follow a few more steps to make their site more visible. They will want to focus on leveraging social media, republishing content and also focusing on getting as much referral traffic as possible. The myth that nofollow links have no use in SEO has been disproven. Any successful SEO strategy is not entirely focused on manually placing links in order to impact the results of search engine optimization of a given site. By reading marKeting tips fOr smAll buSiness on the internet, site owners will realize that no link that is placed manually will count towards the rankings. It is the indirect activities where the value and results lie in internet marketing. As a result, you should focus on using nofollow links and other indirect methods to maximize the exposure of your site on the search engines.

An Easy Plan for Local Link Building

Local link building is a different online marketing game as compared to link building for conventional SEO. The factors that local link building different include competition and the ranking criteria.

With that said, we are going to discuss some ways to perform effective local link building. Since this link building discussion is aimed at providing tips to small businesses, budget is one of the main things to focus here.

Work on the basics

There is a bit of research that you will need to make before you start anything. First, you need to pull the link profile details using tools such as Moz, Ahrefs or Majestic. Then you need to export that link data in the spreadsheet.

After pulling your link information, you need to pull the link information that of your competitors. Look at the websites which have the link to your competitor’s website but not yours. Of course, the main purpose of building links is to find unique points which would provide the link to your website, but inserting link into the websites used by your competitors will kill the competition; i.e. those sites will no longer remain unique for your competitors.

Setting the schedule

It’s quite beneficial to allocate time for the entire link building cycle. Usually, setting 3-months cycle for a small business website gives enough time to the link building team to explore different link building opportunities and work on them. After the cycle is completed, ask your team to give you the link report that you will analyze to find out the progress.

The main benefit of setting the cycle is that it motivates the link building team to work hard and deliver result. Furthermore, it becomes quite easier for you to eradicate any kind of deficiencies in the process. Here, it’s also worth mentioning that the hardest part of SEO is link building. So, you cannot accomplish objectives if you are not working on the deadlines.


This might be the most difficult way to earn links but it is mighty effective. What you need to do is to communicate with the client and ask for the things that client has already been doing for the purpose of promoting his/her business. You may be able to find out if the client has participated in the events such as charity events, local meeting and local seminars. From those details about participation, you may be able to find out if the client was able to build some relationships with the other businesses. Get a list of those businesses along with the contact details and organize that information.

Find right targets

After compiling the list, find out the businesses which would share the context of background with your business type. Contact those businesses to start the process of acquiring link from them.

This process may be a little bit difficult but it’s still easier than most of the other methods of getting high-quality links. All you need to do is to try hard, remain patient and stick to the quality of your website in order to present a better business among the businesses in relationship.